Service Philosophy

Customers Create Market Services Increase Value

1. Tenet of Hai Tian: provide customers with premium and high added-value products and services to effectively satisfy their actual demands.
2. Being customer-oriented and develop the market heart and soul. Listen to customers' comments modestly, advert to the responses of relevant interest groups and adjust the management strategy in due time and develop relevant products.
3. Provide "instant services" and "premium services". Never postpone tasks which can be accomplished today until next day. Other than simply provided to satisfy customers, a service should be improved as much as possible to evolve into a premium service better than a satisfying one.
4. Customers who spend 1 yuan may have greater fundamental impact on our booming business than those who spend 100 yuan. Never skip businesses with few profit, instead, trying to stand in customers' shoes will eventually gain their favor and permanent support.
5. Customers would be happy to receive gifts even if they are simply a piece of paper; in case of absence of any gift, give away Hai Tian's smiles and coziness.
6. Accentuate both quality and services. Constantly developing and increasing the added-value of after-sale services is the only effective way for Hai Tian to gain permanent customers.


Contact us

Let us know by phone if you need technical support, channel information, joining Haitian, or have any other questions about our products and services, we'll try our best to solve your puzzles. Please contact our customer services via the following ways:
Address: 16 Wensha Road, Foshan, Guangdong     Postcode: 528000
Phone: 400-8899-813   0757-82836328
Fax: 0757-82832102-226

Media practioners are welcome to interview Haitian, you can acquire Haitian’s recent news by accessing the media channel of our website. If you want to have a face-to-face interview or participate in interviews of Haitian’s various activities, please contact us via the following ways:
Address: 16 Wensha Road, Foshan, Guangdong       Post code: 528000
Fax: 0757-82832102-368
Phone: 0757-82817307


Suggestions And Feedback
Dear customers: Please let us know immediately if you have any comments and suggestions to make about our products or services, we will send you a timely and satisfactory reply to your submission.
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