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    Foshan Haitian Flavoring & Food Co.Ltd.(Haitian) has been committed to providing delicious and safe flavorings and foods to global food institutions and consumers while innovating to ensure a healthy and happy life for each and every consumer.               

    Haitian, formerly Foshan Sauce Shop, has 300 years history which can be traced back to the reign of Qianlong Emperor of Qing dynasty (1711-1799). Today, it has become the biggest flavoring maker and seller in China, with over 200 products in 8 categories covering soy sauce, oyster sauce, flavoring paste, vinegar,so on and so forth. By production and sales of soy sauce, Haitian has been No. 1 for 19 consecutive years in the market, whereas for oyster sauce, flavoring paste and other products, it has also been leading the field far ahead of its competitors. As one of China’s time-honored brands, Haitian always insists on traditional workmanship. Take the soy sauce as an example. Every drop is from fermentation in the sunshine. On this basis and in order to achieve industrialization and mass production, in Gaoming District, Foshan, it invested over RMB2 billion to build up a “Soy Sauce City” with an area of 2km2. In the ‘Soy Sauce City’, there is a cluster of natural sun-drying tanks of 600,000m2 in total, the biggest in the world. It guarantees that each drop of Haitian Soy Sauce can retain the essence of conventional craftsmanship.

    Apart from maintaining traditional technique, Haitian also keeps diversifying and innovating in product development and quality improvement through technologies. Haitian has a nationally accredited laboratory which is not only No. 1 by number of accrediting items but also the best-established in the flavoring industry. All its test results can carry approval labels from the National Laboratory and ILAC International Mutual Recognition Arrangements. Meanwhile, it is among the earliest enterprises to set up a postdoctoral workstation within the company. As a representative of traditional enterprises, Haitian works hard to ensure stable quality and outstanding savor of all products through modern bio-technology, and keeps on providing innovative products to cater to consumers’ needs.

    Quality has been what Haitian exists for, and it is also among the earliest to insist in using non-GMO soybeans. Stringent production monitoring procedures have been well established together with the most sophisticated and comprehensive Sample Retention and Quality Tracking Policy in the industry in order to ensure the best quality of products.

    Haitian landed onto the capital market in February 2014. As always, Haitian will continue to facilitate the integration of cutting-edge technologies and traditional industries by enhancing our equipment while expanding our global distribution network to deliver a healthier and happier life to all consumers in the world through our quality flavourings.

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